Two Types

Despite all of the ways that people are different, we tend to have quite a bit in common when it comes to death.

We have to deal with it.

I’ve always said that there are only two types of families.

The first type gels together in a tragedy, forming a tight circle of comfort and support and calmly handling logistics and working together to create a memorable celebration of life. It’s beautiful to see families like this.

The second is nothing short of DEFCON 5. Unresolved emotional disputes lead to eruptions of anger, making it less about the person who has passed away, and more about slighting everyone else. Calling families like these painful to watch, is an understatement.

Do you have a crazy family? Are you the only sane one charged with the responsibility of making sure the rest of the family stays afloat? Is the legal next of kin a total nut-job? Do you have a bunch of siblings and can’t track down each of them to sign paperwork?

In cases like this, you need an ADVANCE HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE.

What this does is bypasses the legal next-of-kin in California, allowing for one person to be elected to handle all medical decisions as well as the legal right to control disposition (basically, what happens to the body after the person dies).

You can get a free one here.  Most just need to be witnessed, but I’d recommend getting it notarized just in case.

Thank me later.

In the meantime, think about this–which type family do you have?


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