Kids & Kisses

Sorry guys, but for this Mortuary Monday, you’re getting another rant.


This is something we need to stop doing. So often, I’ve been on a service and have seen an adult picking up a child, who is usually crying, and forcing them to look in the casket.

How you choose to raise your children is up to you–that’s definitely none of my business.

However, some adults take it a step further and say “Go on and kiss your (insert relationship here) goodbye”.

I normally say nothing as the child hesitantly leans over and lays an uncomfortable smooch on the waxy corpse of their late family member.

It makes my blood boil.

Just like that uncle they don’t want to hug, it’s time to leave those babies alone. It’s never too early to teach children about consent.

Forcing a child to do something they’re uncomfortable with is teaching them that their bodies are not their own. Stop it.

Have a great week ya’ll. 


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