No Money, No Opinion


Just a quick rant.

In the 8 years I’ve spent as a Funeral Director, I’ve noticed one thing that  consistently frustrates me when working with families.

There is always that one person who has a million opinions, but no dollars. Broke Betsy always has her mouth open, but her wallet closed.

Every family has one. You know, the auntie that insists on 3 white stretch limos, or the deluxe programs with the photo collage in them. The uncle that says,”Great granddaddy would be so hurt if we don’t purchase the 18 gauge stainless steel casket with customizable corners! Doesn’t he deserve the best?” The sister that is begging for the 100 dove release at the graveside (insert eye roll here).

This Moneyless Molly is always chiming in with their opinion, usually talking over the person who IS paying for all of the services, and overshadowing the desires of the group.

If you’re having trouble determining who that person in your family is….it’s likely you.

As the Funeral Director, it sometimes falls upon us to be the mediators, to calmly walk the line between business and compassion, to encourage the one with the checkbook to make a decision that makes sense to them, without pouring every penny into something unnecessary.  It’s stressful, and we don’t like doing it, but sometimes, that’s the job.

Do everyone a favor and kindly shut up.

That is all. Be blessed.

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