Changing Lanes

Often times during a funeral service, the directors tend to tune out. We’ve heard it all before.

True as that may be, every once in awhile, we take away a little nugget of wisdom from something that was said.

I once directed a simple graveside service at a large cemetery. It was a gorgeous park, and from the top of the hill where we were standing, you could see the cars speeding down the highway in the distance.

Clearly I wasn’t the only one who noticed this, as the officiant said,

“Take the memories with you as you leave this place. The freeway behind us is a gentle reminder, that life goes on.”

The freeway is a gentle reminder, that life goes on.

Just because this life has ended, doesn’t mean the story is over. Regardless of what type of afterlife you believe in (if any), the people you love can live on through memories. The road doesn’t end, you’re just changing lanes.

That simple observation has always stuck with me. Life goes on.  Of course, living without someone you love is the absolute worst. Nothing seems quite right. Over time, you learn to adjust, you figure out how to make-do, you adapt to your new normal. This doesn’t mean that their impact on your life is weakened, or rendered insignificant.

It just means you’re healing.

This isn’t the end. You’re just changing lanes. 

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