Let’s Make It Personal

In every arrangement conference, I try to encourage families to personalize the services they’re planning for their loved one.

Did Grandpa like woodworking? Bring in some of his projects.

Did your mother love to garden? Let’s pass out memorial packets with seeds at the service.

Did your son love to play guitar? Let’s display it at the memorial. 

Yes, we do services every day, but each life was different in the way it was lived, and that should  be reflected in how we choose to celebrate them.

As a Funeral Director, it’s the coolest thing to watch each family put their own spin on what honoring a life means to them.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be allowed to peek through a window into a family’s most intimate moments, and share in that with them.

When I listen to families discuss how to set their service apart, I tend to think about what my family will choose to do when it’s my turn.

What would people say? What would be displayed, or said or passed out as a memorial keepsake?

What would I be known for?

As you move through every day, try to remember that with each interaction, you are building your own personal legacy.

Make it a good one.

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