Guest Post: Buried in Love

This week’s guest post comes from Ebony Laughton. Thank you for sharing your story. 

I was on pregnancy number 5 with 3 living sons. Around week 26 I started feeling great. Almost as if I was not pregnant. That week, I went to emergency room due to cramping. Turns out I had pre-eclampsia and the baby had already died.

I had already decided that I didn’t want to get pregnant again so docs questioned whether or not I still wanted my tubes tied. I did. They got my blood pressure low enough for me to deliver my son.

Once he was delivered I was able to hold him. I kept him with me for most of my hospital stay. It was hospital protocol to keep the babies on the delivery floor as long as the mom was still in the hospital so that she can spend as much time as she desires.

The hospital also arranges for the baby’s remains to be cared for. Families have the option for private burial as well. I opted for the hospital ceremony because it was too sad and overwhelming to make the arrangement.

Austin was paired with 5 other babies that died at birth. They were transported to the mortuary where they were cremated. Some ashes were buried and some given to parents to plant a flower.

It’s called  the circle of love.

They have a head stone dedicated by the hospital. No matter when I go, there is a flower,  toy, or a note. I find comfort knowing he wasn’t alone during that time. I also find comfort in being able to say a prayer for all of the other babies that are buried there. For such a heart-wrenching painful experience, that was the most helpful.

His name was Austin Lennox Laughton.

He was born in silence and buried in love. 

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