2017: Suck it


As I dug through my drafts, trying to find something to post for the New Year, I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I realized after a moment that I wanted to talk a little less about death, and more about life.

2017 has really put me through the ringer. What was supposed to be an amazing year, really kicked the crap out of me. I’ve loved hard. I made lots of mistakes. I lost a partner. I’ve been beaten, run down, and burnt to ash.

Yet, I’m still standing.

I’ve learned to get back up. I’ve learned to persist. I’ve learned how to accept help from others, and how to lean on my village. I’ve learned to keep moving. Above all else, what I’ve learned is that I’m a F**KING CHAMPION.

2018, if you’re not afraid of me yet, you’re a fool. I’m coming for you….as soon as I get over this flu.

One Reply to “2017: Suck it”

  1. The devil tried to beat you down but you’re still standing! God will give you beauty for ashes! If God is for you, who (or what) can be against you?! Look out 2018!!! She’s on her way!

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